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What are the core values of safety culture?

Safety culture always place people first. We call this exemplary safety culture as people first culture which shares the following core values:


  • Compassion, care and concern
  • Respect and trust
  • Ethics, integrity, credibility, fairness and transparency
  • Empowerment
  • Collaboration
  • Openness
  • Innovation 

Safety is a top priority because in our heart, people are always our top priority.


How does an exemplary safety culture look like?

In an exemplary safety culture, safety is truly internalized as an integral part of organization and a non-negotiable value for everyone.

Everyone takes ownership and leadership of safety. People are empowered and go beyond "the call of duty" to intervene unsafe conditions and at-risk behaviours because they care for each other. People enjoy good working relationship and team work and they have great trust and respect for leaders. The communication is open and anyone can easily approach leaders to share safety concerns.

Leaders are committed to safety and provide resources to develop competency, improve work environment, enhance safety of processes and inspire followers to build a safe and healthy workplace.

An organization with a strong safety culture typically experiences fewer at-risk behaviours and lower accident frequency rates. They are usually organizations who are highly successful in all aspects of business and excellence.


How do we build a safety culture?

Building a progressive safety culture takes time and efforts. The CultureSAFE programme provides a great roadmap for the safety culture journey. The 5-step CultureSAFE cycle includes diagnostics, reporting, action planning, implementation and review.

An organization will probably experience a series of improvement initiatives and cognitive reframing before evolving along the maturity level of safety culture. It is frequently a multi-year process to reach even progressive level.


Who should embark on CultureSAFE programme?

Many organizations implemented various safety initiatives such as voluntary safety management system and behaviour-based safety but unfortunately, very few could reach progressive and exemplary levels. Some safety initiatives just disappear over time.

If the organization’s safety culture is pathological, it is likely the best customer of the WSH authority.  If your safety culture is reactive, it is best to seek help and minimally implement the risk management programme. bizSAFE programme may be a good starting point to build your competency in risk management and safety management system.

If your organization has already achieved at least participative maturity, CultureSAFE programme will be a great safety cultural initiative for you.

Who should embark of CultureSAFE perception survey?

Anyone can participate in the perception survey to find out your safety culture maturity level by attributes. You can administer the perception survey or engage CultureSAFE Consultant to assist you.  Our CultureSAFE Consultant will assist you to interpret the perception survey results, validate the raw score, make recommendations and prepare survey report.


Should I collaborate with my contractors in CultureSAFE programme? 

CultureSAFE can be an exciting development programme for your contractors and an excellent contractor safety programme for you.  If you have achieved at least progressive maturity, we welcome you to collaborate with us as mentor for your contractors as the participating companies to share your safety culture core values and best practices.

Working in collaboration will provide added motivation for your contractors to enhance their safety performance and safety culture.




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