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CultureSAFE programme

Initiated by WSH Council, the CultureSAFE programme provides an one-stop platform for organizations to embark on a safety culture building journey beyond safety infrastructure and competency that focuses on cultivating the right  mindset and attitudes in everyone.

The CultureSAFE Model, developed by WSH Council, is a representation of the attributes of an organizational safety culture. These attributes influence the values and safety practices of its members which can in turn shape their safety attitudes and perceptions.



WSH Culture Fund

The WSH Culture Fund (WCF) is a Government grant catered for SMEs to commence their WSH culture building journey and in turn, maintain and sustain their safety culture within their workplaces progressively and pervasively.

Recognising that SMEs who are interested to pursue a further progression in WSH performance beyond dependence of systems and to achieve better WSH outcomes, the WCF is established to help SMEs defray the associated costs to embark on the CultureSAFE programme.

The fund will be administered on a co-funding basis and with funding caps. The disbursement will be a first-come-first-serve basis until the WCF is exhausted.

Please refer to iWSH portal of WSH Council for more information.



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