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Leveraging expertise on our consultants and collaboration partners, we provide a wide range of consulting services to clients in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei, Philippines, China and India. Not to mention that we assist many organisations in achieving third party certification, we work with clients to establish various management systems which become foundation of continual improvement.

EQS Asia is the highly recognized leader in EHS legislation updating service since 1997. Through EQS Technologies, we serve more than 1000 EHS professionals to keep track of EHS legislation changes in Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines. Our EHS legislation updating service has been an invaluable tool for organizations to ensure regulatory compliance.

With the heightened interest in behavioural safety in the late 90s, EQS has been the pioneer to introduce the BBS process of Behavioral Science Technologies in the region through seminars and consulting services. We advise clients to implement behavioural observation and feedback process to reduce at-risk behaviours and safety improvement process to reduce exposures in the workplace.

Behavioural change is inseparable with meaning learning that leads to changes in cognitive response. Behavioural change is also not sustainable if it is not congruent with the pervasive organizational culture. With these lessons, we have been acquiring capability in building safety culture, psychometric perception survey, leadership practice and high-performing team development. In 2012, EQS Asia has been one of the CultureSAFE Consulting Organizations recognized by WSH Council in Singapore.


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